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June 26 Monday

Today we will stop our opponents foward movement by using the clinch. If they are coming foward aggressive

1 have your guard up to protect your face

2 use one hand and grab/ lock on to the opponents head

3 use your other hand to lock one of the opponents arms

This will help neutralize the opponents attack.

Throw a knee. Then step out of his guard and turn opponent.. attack again.

For the combo on the pads we will do

Right cross, left uppercut, right cross then a right kick. Use this in addition to your freestyle flow on the pads

We are now going to end mondays lesson with this finishing drill. Lets play a game. We will run some kick sparring but i want the focus to be on landing clean shots to the outer thigh, inner thigh, or mid section. If you get caught you owe me one squat. If you block correctly continue flowing with your partner.

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