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July 5th Wednesday

Clinch technique!!! escaping under the arm when our opponent has full control. this one is one of my favorites. use the blade of your forearm placing it behind our opponent neck. push up using the your palm on opponents elbow and swing underneath. Lock opponents neck. knee, jerk then knee again.

for our beginner students we will focus on simple clinch techniques. work on swimming in using your shoulder then jerking

Combo time!!!! Try this combo every now and then while you freestyle on the pads.

Jab, up elbow(left), then over elbow(right). feel free to add a knee at the end as well.... because why the hell not am i right hahaha

Today is sparring day!!!! now then suit up and get ready. If we are new I still want you to suit up. We will go over combo drills to get you ready for sparring later on

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