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July 4th Tuesday

Happy 4th of july everyone!!!!

Tuesdays skill set is going to be a fancy one haha. We will start by jabbing our opponents right guard then we will throw a left hook to the opponents left guard bringing the hand down. once the guard is out of the way proceed to finish with a right straight to the face then add a left kick

Now for our combination on the pads. This is going to be one of Coach Pauls favorite combos!!

start with jab, then cross, left hook, then a slight roll under (not too low, just enough to build momentum) and throw another left hook. make sure to step out with your left foot slightly

Lastly lets end today with some power. Power hooks on the target shield or bag. swing your whole body. every shot should be 100%!!! 1 round left hooks 1 round right hooks

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