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July 21 Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Rounding up this week's rear leg attacks let's go ahead and set up an attack on both sides of the leg.

Use a double jab but make sure to trail off to your left as you punch. This will help create the angle you need to shoot a right low kick to the inner thigh (back leg). Once complete post with your right arm and switch balance setting up a left low kick to the outer side.

Combo for Friday is actually going to be a bit more difficult but very fun.

Start with a simple jab, cross, then post (on pad is fine) with your left hand (use palm). As you post step out with your right foot to create a small angle. This will hide your next attack which will be a right uppercut. Add the left hook after and finish with a right kick. Spend some time with this 1

Ending the week strong with 30 second drills

5 sets

30 sec of non stop 1, 2 on the bag followed by 10 push ups

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