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July 11 Tuesday

Hi everyone. this week we will focus on a little more boxing. For todays skill set lets focus on the jab.

Point your shoulder at opponent along with your front foot. Rotate the shoulder over and fully extend turning your fist over as well.Second jab we will go over is the vertical jab. Keep everything the same but don't turn your fist over. you will notice a bit more length with this jab. You will also find that it sneaks in between the guard fairly easily. Last one will be the jab to the body. step-in, change levels, and get your head off the center line.

For todays combo we will combine 2 combinaions into 1 long sequence.

1 jab the head then throw a right to the body, then add a left to the body.

Once complee step and pivot out to the left, cut the angle and throw 1,2,1,2 finish with a left hook

Lets finish tuesday with some 30 second drills.

non stop punches and hen do 10 push ups

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